The First Lesson

Meet the head magicians

We're excited to meet you

A private, live, 45-minute magic lesson to get you started at School of Magic Arts. As a virtual school you can join us from anywhere. And who knows? You might even be invited to join our Magic Performance Program!

$35 / lesson
  • Appropriate for ages 9 - 17
  • Live virtual instruction
  • 45 minute lesson
  • Supplies easily gathered


Students who take a lesson with Expert Mentalist Annie will see the future to make a seemingly impossible prediction AND mysteriously divine the exact cards on the table...from a random deck!  

Materials needed: a deck of cards, paper to write on, pencil to write with, 4 small objects that are all noticeably different, 2 rubber bands or hair ties.



Students who take a lesson with Brian the Card Sharp will get the hang of one of the most famous PACFAC (that's "pick a card, find a card") tricks of all time and then learn how to make aces do the amazing right in front of the audience's eyes!

Materials needed: a deck of cards, 2 rubber bands or hair ties.

“Lily sees the world differently now- it is all a puzzle to be solved. She’s also so cool and confident about everything and always looking to try new things.”
- Rich T., SOMA Parent


A color illustration of an open book with a muted rainbow of swirls coming out of a page.

Performance Program

9 - 17
$125 / month
Weekly classes for students of stage magic.