Private Lessons

One on one with a professional magician.
School of Magic Arts offers private, live, 45-minute magic lessons for up to two people (per session).  Though we have seen that group classes and the Magic Performance Program are the key to effectively learning and performing stage magic, private lessons may be a good fit if:
  • 🌟 You are an adult learner.  Currently, SOMA does not offer group classes for adults, so if you are over 17 and would like to learn with us, schedule an adult private lesson.  Adult private lessons accommodate up to two people, so perfect for a long distance friend hangout or fun date night activity.
  • 🌟 You are giving a gift.  If you would like to purchase a gift certificate for a magic lesson, please click here.
  • 🌟 You would like try it out before committing to the Magic Performance Program.  We understand that parents may want to "try before you buy" the School of Magic Arts Magic Performance Program.  A private lesson may be a good idea to see if your child "clicks" with our instructors and curriculum before making the commitment to weekly group lessons.
$50 / lesson
  • Appropriate for ages 7 - up
  • Live virtual instruction
  • Up to two people
  • 45 minute lesson
  • Supplies easily gathered
Meet The Instructors
“Great lesson!  Fun and informative hosts, easy to learn the concept of the tricks and now I just need to keep practicing.”
- Adam R. SOMA Learner

meet Your Instructor

A headshot of Annie in costume.


Head Magician

Annie Montone is one of the co-founders of the School of Magic Arts.  She is a magician, teacher, and playwright who has been working in the Baltimore area for over fifteen years.  When Annie has free time, she likes to do embroidery and play her violin.

A headshot of Brian in costume.


Head Magician

Brian M. Kehoe is one of the co-founders of the School of Magic Arts.  Brian has been performing stage magic since the age of seven and is also a teacher and designer.  When he's not performing or teaching magic, he really loves to cook for his friends and family.  




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