Watch as They Gain Confidence, One Trick at a Time.

Live virtual group magic lessons for young magicians ages 8-16 that focus on performance, making friends, and student growth.

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Your Kid Loves Magic and So Do We

From the very first class, they will be excited to share their new magic with you.

Magic 101 is one of the entry points to joining our school. We get that virtual lessons aren't for everyone and we want to give new students an opportunity to try us out. This class is a great introduction to performing magic for students ages 8-11 and 12-17 who are just starting out, or who are interested in learning more about how School of Magic Arts virtual lessons work.

Taught by live instructors, Magic 1o1 focuses on multiple types of magic with materials you can easily find in your home!  In each lesson students learn a new magic effect and have an opportunity to talk with a professional magician.

The first lesson is FREE to new students, just register for one of the dates through the registration link below.  We'll send you the Zoom link and materials list on the day.

  • Appropriate for ages 8-11
  • 45- min live virtual instruction
  • Small groups
  • Use materials you have at home
  • No experience level required
  • First class FREE to new students

The Lesson!  What do we get?

  • First class FREE to new students.
  • 45 minutes one-on-one with a SOMA magician through Zoom.
  • Learn up to three magic effects that can be performed immediately.
  • PDF download with written instructions.
  • An invitation to join School of Magic Arts!

Build Self esteem and confidence

Studies have found that all students (including those with learning difficulties, behavioral challenges, and physical disabilities) exhibit greater self-esteem scores after studying and performing magic.

improve hand eye coordination

In a study of forty people studying magic, all showed significant improvement in both the use of the left and right hands, and their ability to use both hands together.

grow with support of a community

Teachers report that incorporating magic into their curriculum encourages students to help one another, and increases leadership, socialization, peer relationships, and collaboration.

Unlock the Tools That Lead to Success

Learning from a magic kit or YouTube can sometimes be frustrating for new magicians. At School of Magic Arts we crafted a program that keeps kids coming back for more.

  • Small class sizes encourage interaction and feedback between teachers and students.
  • Our magic kits are curated by professional magicians and use quality magic supplies, not cheap plastic gimmicks.  And they're shipped right to your door.
  • Our online library of instructional materials are available to SOMA students 24/7.
  • Several times a year, SOMA students have the opportunity to perform in live, virtual shows for real audiences.  This builds their confidence to start performing in-person!
  • The SOMA pin system is something our students love.  We send them custom pins to mark their progress as they achieve in the program: their first month complete, their first show performed, and more!
An enamel pin in the shape of a purple keyAn enamel pin in the shape of a purple rabbit with a star for an eyeAn enamel pin in the shape of a purple hourglass with a star in the top part and sand in the bottom part
“I think it is really good for him and he's getting better at raising his hand and letting others speak.  Hopefully this helps him improve in school as well.”
- Joni B., SOMA Parent

Who We Are

School of Magic Arts instructors are experts in their fields. We have cardsharps, mentalists, coin wizards, theater makers, and more. Our Head Magicians (and SOMA Founders), Annie Montone and Brian Kehoe, are professional magicians who have developed a program that has helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams of performing stage magic.

"The engagement! H. had a blast and can’t wait to practice his new skills. The descriptions and oath and history were perfect for a first class. Great content!"
- Jonelle B., Trial Class Parent

Try School of Magic Arts for Free

We want to make sure your young magician loves our classes before you commit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My kid is kinda shy, is this right for her?


Yes!  You don't have to be extroverted to enjoy and excel at magic. In fact, we've found that our program helps shy students build confidence.

We already do a lot of activities, are we going to have time?


SOMA classes are just 45 minutes a week, with 10 minutes of practice required a day,  easy to fit into a busy schedule.  And since the classes are virtual, drive time is eliminated!

What if my child struggles with learning on the computer?


We understand.  Unfortunately, in the panic of the pandemic, a lot of educational programs tried to adapt their in-person curriculums for online.  And it just didn't work.  Students and teachers alike were frustrated.  At SOMA, our program was developed exclusively for virtual learning.  We've found that magic is especially well suited to be taught in an online environment; each student gets an up-close view of the instructors' hands, making the class easy to follow.

My daughter is already learning magic for free on YouTube, why should she take classes?


YouTube is a fantastic resource, but there are a lot of things it can't do.  While it can be great for learning tricks, it can't give a student feedback on their work, help them find opportunities to perform in their communities, or curate effects that will work for their style and ability.  And it doesn't provide a live community of magicians who share their enthusiasm for magic!

“N. was excited to engage people, known and unknown, with her magic skills. Engaging strangers has always been hit or miss with her, but with magic, she has something in which she feels confident and competent.”
- Tara C., SOMA Parent

Magic is More Fun with Friends

Sign your young magician up for a School of Magic Arts trial class and see them shine when they share their new magic with you.

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Ages 8-11Ages 12-16
7:30 pm
Ages 8-11Ages 12-16
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Ages 8-11Ages 12-16
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