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Open Class - Beginner

We are happy to announce that we will be holding Open Classes starting this month! An Open Class is a low-commitment way to join School of Magic Arts.  A professional magician will instruct the class in a classic stage magic effect.  Students will also learn basics of performance and types of magic. If you have taken a trial, camp, or workshop with School of Magic Arts in the past, this is a good way to practice your magic and learn new stuff! Classes are $30 per student, per class, and are open to ages 8-11. Classes are 45 minutes long and are virtual, on EST.

Difficulty Level
Learning Goals

Testimonials about our Teaching

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Course Map

We offer six courses over three levels. As students progress through the program, the classes become more focused as well as challenging.


Spring Semester classes begin January 15 and run through May 25, 2024. Reserve your spot with a fully refundable (until December 15th) $50 deposit today when you select "Payment Plan".

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Build Self esteem and confidence

Studies have found that all students (including those with learning difficulties, behavioral challenges, and physical disabilities) exhibit greater self-esteem scores after studying and performing magic.

improve hand eye coordination

In a study of forty people studying magic, all showed significant improvement in both the use of the left and right hands, and their ability to use both hands together.

grow with support of a community

Teachers report that incorporating magic into their curriculum encourages students to help one another, and increases leadership, socialization, peer relationships, and collaboration.