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The School

School of Magic Arts was founded in 2017 by professional magicians Brian M. Kehoe and Annie Montone. Since then, SOMA has grown into a 365 day-a-year virtual stage magic school that offers group classes, camps, workshops, and private lessons. At School of Magic Arts, we believe that the best way to learn magic is to perform it (yes, even virtually!). Students are rewarded for their commitment to the art of stage magic by "leveling up" as they ascend through the ranks of our curriculum and perform in our shows. Whether they're with us for one lesson or several years, they'll gain the skills, confidence, and community they need to succeed.

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Magic is Changing

The world around us is changing, and we believe magic needs to change, too. Magic is strongest when it includes all gender identities, races, ethnicities, orientations, physical or mental abilities, and perspectives. At School of Magic Arts, we know that there is no one person that typifies "a magician."  We strive to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices of our students, families, and audiences. We believe that anyone who wants to perform magic should be able to do just that in a safe, empowering, and inclusive environment. Welcome to SOMA. You belong, here.


We are so grateful to have partnered with the following organizations:

“Annie and Brian were positive while working with the girls and brought a great energy. We highly recommend [School of Magic Arts].“
- Abby R. Teacher,
St. Paul's School for Girls

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Performance Program

7 - 17
$125 / month
Weekly classes for students of stage magic.
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Summer Camps

7 - 14
$200 / week
Week long themed mini camps that allow students to not only learn magic, but build props too!

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Why Performance Program?

When children are able to learn and perform magic successfully, their self-esteem goes up.

Studies have found that all students (including those with learning difficulties, behavioral challenges, and physical disabilities) exhibit greater self-esteem scores after studying and performing magic.

At School of Magic Arts, we encourage confidence building by teaching to each student's level, step-by-step. We also provide opportunities for performance success in every class, and at school-wide Performance Nights where they can show off their skills.
“His confidence level increased tremendously and it was wonderful to see him feeling proud about his magic tricks."
- Jennifer F., SOMA Parent
"In addition to expanding her magic skills, she has developed a stage presence and a confidence I had not seen before."
- Michelle P., SOMA Parent
Magicians are unusually skilled at manipulating objects. The way that we use our hands promotes gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In a study of forty people studying magic, all showed significant improvement in both the use of the left and right hands, and their ability to use both hands together.

At School of Magic Arts, we take the time before each class to stretch, and we teach our effects as a sequence of physical steps, allowing time to master the movement of each step. We also build magic props together, which helps to further improve motor skills.
"He was able to craft the props and practice all the skills at just the right level and with the perfect amount of time."
- Regan P. SOMA Parent
Magicians do not work alone. To produce magic shows, like we do at School of Magic Arts, requires the coordination of many people. It also requires emotional regulation, respect, and cooperation. Teachers report that incorporating magic into their curriculum encourages students to help one another, and increases leadership, socialization, peer relationships, and collaboration.

At SOMA, we are more than a school, we are a community. In every class, camp, and workshop, we make time for our students to form relationships. We also focus on working with others, including volunteers and audience members, in a way that is respectful and clear, as well as engaging.
"He loved learning about magic, and he also loved the opportunity to chat and socialize with other people."
- Joni B., SOMA Parent
"I really appreciate that you are teaching your students to address their audiences in a gender neutral manner. My partner is non-binary and little gestures like that are noticed and appreciated in our household."
- Zach G., SOMA Audience Member
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