I do swear to keep the secrets I’ve been taught

Stars of the Show

We succeed when our students have the confidence to go live in front of an audience. Our classes teach them the necessary skills to be prepared no matter what happens. The proof is in the show.


Our Friends

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Beyond YouTube

There are tons of resources out there on how to perform tricks, but School of Magic Arts encourages our magicians to go beyond YouTube. SOMA magicians are special. They create unique magic, develop a style, and get immediate class feedback from their friends and teachers.

Finding Success

Five Stars

“My son learned a lot a really enjoyed the class. He tends to be shy, but I heard him talking up a storm in the class!”

Gabriel S.
Five Stars

“I loved getting to share my magic with a big audience, and watch my fellow students perform their effects too!”

Mason A., Age 11
Five Stars

“A. has gained so much being a part of your program-self confidence, something all her own, and cool friends and mentors!”

Heather B.

Open House

We are opening our virtual doors for our September open house! School of Magic Arts holds weekly group classes during the school year and we wanted to give parents and students an opportunity to see what we are all about. This is a FREE event, just register for one of the times below and we'll send you the Zoom link on the day.

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Magic Community

We have students in over 100 cities, making us a whole community of real magicians. From beginner to advanced, our students support and learn from one another, as well as their instructors. At SOMA, we're all excited about magic, and we love to share.


Magic 101


Magic 101 is one of the entry points to joining our school. We get that virtual lessons aren't for everyone and we want to give new students an opportunity to try us out. This class is a great introduction to performing magic for students ages 7-17 who are just starting out, or who are interested in learning more about how School of Magic Arts virtual lessons work.

Taught by live instructors, Magic 1o1 focuses on multiple types of magic with materials you can easily find in your home!  In each lesson students learn a new magic effect, have an opportunity to talk with a professional magician, and

The first lesson is FREE to new students, just register for one of the dates through the registration link below.  We'll send you the Zoom link and materials list on the day.

What We Know

School of Magic Arts Magicians are professionals in their fields. We have cardsharps, mentalists, coin experts, and more. Our Head Magicians (and SOMA Founders), Annie Montone and Brian Kehoe, are pioneers of narrative magic, stage magic combined with storytelling. With dozens of years of experience, our instructors pass what we know onto the next generation.

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Look at Us Grow

Our school is growing every single day. With students in over 100 cities, the word is officially out. We are so proud to see our students performing in their neighborhoods.