Level 1, Course 2

Working with Volunteers


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In this course, students advance to effects that involve working with volunteers. While continuing to add to their trick repertoire, they also learn how to interact with participants, explain their effects with confidence, give clear instructions, and showcase their magic for an audience.

  • $50 deposit
  • $140/month January - May
  • Live, online classes
  • Instruction by a professional magician
  • Classes are kept to 5 students max
  • Access to supplemental video library
  • Final showcase performance
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Working with Volunteers

Working with Volunteers is the second half of our Level 1 classes!  Students will build off what they learned in Fundamentals of Magic and begin learning how to interact with volunteers that are not our family and friends.

The curriculum focuses largely on mental magic which uses a lot of these skills. They will also learn some new magic with the materials from their SOMA Magic Supply Kit.

Difficulty Level
Beginner, Ages 8-15
Fundamentals of Magic
Learning Goals
Helping volunteers feel comfortable on stage, practicing clear instructions, and listening for our participant to respond to questions.

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Course Map

We offer six courses over three levels. As students progress through the program, the classes become more focused as well as challenging.


Spring Semester classes begin January 15 and run through May 25, 2024. Reserve your spot with a fully refundable (until December 15th) $50 deposit today when you select "Payment Plan".

Build Self esteem and confidence

Studies have found that all students (including those with learning difficulties, behavioral challenges, and physical disabilities) exhibit greater self-esteem scores after studying and performing magic.

improve hand eye coordination

In a study of forty people studying magic, all showed significant improvement in both the use of the left and right hands, and their ability to use both hands together.

grow with support of a community

Teachers report that incorporating magic into their curriculum encourages students to help one another, and increases leadership, socialization, peer relationships, and collaboration.