Build Your Own Magic - Junior

$750 + $50 supplies

Payment plan available

Construct an entire magic show in twelve weeks in Build Your Own Magic!

  • 12 weeks of live, online classes
  • Instruction by a professional magician
  • Supply kit of building materials
  • Magic props included
  • Access to supplemental video library
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Build Your Own Magic - Junior

School of Magic Arts is amped for our best season yet: it’s time for Build Your Own Magic Summer 2023!

Students will meet once a week in two hour classes to construct magic props and learn magic effects. From hand props to large stage illusions, SOMA magicians will explore the inner workings of stage magic, build their own magic show, and unlock the best summer ever. Everything they need for this STEAM powered 12 weeks will be shipped to your door prior to the first day of class.

Build Your Own Magic is a perfect introduction to stage magic and School of Magic Arts, as well as a blast for current and returning students. A great supplement to in-person camps! Vacation schedules are no problem.  School of Magic Arts classes include an exclusive library of recorded lessons to get them up to speed on anything they might miss in class, and their kits can travel with them anywhere there is internet access.  Keep minds engaged and learning over summer break!

Difficulty Level
Learning Goals

Fuel your preteen’s love of magic

We understand the challenge of finding magic tricks suitable for preteens that strike the perfect balance of satisfaction and entertainment.

Our magic has been carefully curated to unearth the most enjoyable and challenging tricks tailored specifically for this age group. Our group lessons allow students to interact with each other to build social skills.  

The magic supply kit includes a standard deck of cards, a 12 inch black silk, magician's rope, four sponge balls, two rubber bands, a coin, a small notebook, and pencil.

Testimonials about our Teaching

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Course Map

We offer six courses over three levels. As students progress through the program, the classes become more focused as well as challenging.

Group Schedules

New students can join classes beginning March 4.  Click Register on the next screen, then choose Payment Plan to place a deposit. (It's a little hidden.) Please note that all times are in Eastern Standard Time.

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Private Lesson Course

If none of the schedules above work for you, we do offer Fundamentals of Magic as a private course. The cost is the same as our group classes, but you can choose the day and time that works for you. These classes run 30-40 minutes because we can go faster with one student. We have limited availability for these lessons. Contact to set up a time.

Build Self esteem and confidence

Studies have found that all students (including those with learning difficulties, behavioral challenges, and physical disabilities) exhibit greater self-esteem scores after studying and performing magic.

improve hand eye coordination

In a study of forty people studying magic, all showed significant improvement in both the use of the left and right hands, and their ability to use both hands together.

grow with support of a community

Teachers report that incorporating magic into their curriculum encourages students to help one another, and increases leadership, socialization, peer relationships, and collaboration.