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Fundamentals of Magic


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In this first School of Magic Arts course, students of all levels, from beginners to those already practicing magic, receive an overview of all different types of stage magic: cards, coins, ropes, silks, mentalism, and more. Students learn effects from all genres, set their practice schedule, and prepare to perform for others.

  • Kids ages 8-12
  • June 24 - September 7, 2024
  • 10 classes
  • Live, online via Zoom
  • Instruction by a professional magician
  • Magic supply kit
  • Access to supplemental video library
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Fundamentals of Magic

Our summer session runs from June 24 - September 7, 2024. Students will meet once a week in thirty minute classes to learn the basics of close-up magic performance.

As they level up in the curriculum, they will start to perform in live shows, unlock special workshops, and earn special enamel pins!

The SOMA Fundamentals of Magic curriculum was designed by two professional magicians who are also trained educators. It is engineered to effectively teach the core concepts of stage magic, storytelling, and performance skills.

Difficulty Level
Beginner, Ages 8-12
An interest in magic. They have watched it on TV or YouTube, maybe they have tried to perform a trick or two.
Learning Goals
A broad introduction to magic using professional magic props. This course establishes common language and also builds confidence to perform for others.

Fuel your preteen’s love of magic

We understand the challenge of finding magic tricks suitable for preteens that strike the perfect balance of satisfaction and entertainment.

Our magic has been carefully curated to unearth the most enjoyable and challenging tricks tailored specifically for this age group. Our group lessons allow students to interact with each other to build social skills.  

The magic supply kit includes a standard deck of cards, a 12 inch black silk, magician's rope, four sponge balls, two rubber bands, a coin, a small notebook, and pencil.

Testimonials about our Teaching

The engagement! H. had a blast and can’t wait to practice his new skills. The descriptions and oath and history were perfect for a first class. Great content!

Jonelle Binder

for Harrison, age 10

The instructors were fun, personable, and engaging. They made the children immediately feel welcome and exciting. The tricks were age appropriate and rewarding.

Gail Trautmann

for Claire, age 10

My child came out of the class energized and excited to learn magic. the tricks were accessible and the instructor was engaging.

Sara Burns

for Alex, age 12

My son learned a lot a really enjoyed the class. He tends to be shy, but I heard him talking up a storm in the class!

Gabriel Soloff

for Sebastian, age 8

Course Map

We offer six courses over three levels. As students progress through the program, the classes become more focused as well as challenging.

Group Schedules

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Private Lesson Course

If none of the schedules above work for you, we do offer Fundamentals of Magic as a private course. The cost is the same as our group classes, but you can choose the day and time that works for you. These classes run 30-40 minutes because we can go faster with one student. We have limited availability for these lessons. Contact to set up a time.

Before committing to any classes, we'd love to meet your child one-on-one! It's a chance for us to understand their interests, skill level, and unique magic style. This personalized session ensures we find the perfect match for them in our upcoming classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

My kid is kinda shy, is this right for her?


Yes!  You don't have to be extroverted to enjoy and excel at magic. In fact, we've found that our program helps shy students build confidence.

We already do a lot of activities, are we going to have time?


SOMA classes are just 1 hour a week, with 10 minutes of practice required a day,  easy to fit into a busy schedule.  And since the classes are virtual, drive time is eliminated!

What if my child struggles with learning on the computer?


We understand.  Unfortunately, in the panic of the pandemic, a lot of educational programs tried to adapt their in-person curriculums for online.  And it just didn't work.  Students and teachers alike were frustrated.  At SOMA, our program was developed exclusively for virtual learning.  We've found that magic is especially well suited to be taught in an online environment; each student gets an up-close view of the instructors' hands, making the class easy to follow.

My daughter is already learning magic for free on YouTube, why should she take classes?


YouTube is a fantastic resource, but there are a lot of things it can't do.  While it can be great for learning tricks, it can't give a student feedback on their work, help them find opportunities to perform in their communities, or curate effects that will work for their style and ability.  And it doesn't provide a live community of magicians who share their enthusiasm for magic!