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School of Magic Arts is a year-round full-time stage magic school for kids ages 8-16 with classes taught online via Zoom by professional magicians.

If your kid is just starting out (or is learning on their own) click below to find out the keys to magic!

Our Doors are Open

School of Magic Arts is a year-round full-time stage magic school with classes taught online by professional magicians.
The SOMA method works like magic!

New students can take a class for FREE until February 28, 2023

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At School of Magic Arts:

We empower young magicians to channel their enthusiasm and curiosity into learning and performing breathtaking magic.

Whether it's simple magic tricks that can be done at home by beginners, or cool special effects and expert card techniques, we meet the student where they are.

We tailor the curriculum based on level and interest in order to provide just the right amount of difficulty, challenging, but not overwhelming or intimidating.

So, regardless of a student’s starting level, from never shuffled a deck of cards to already studying the greats, everyone learns new tricks and exciting effects.

This makes for a super fun, but also challenging experience for every student!

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Magic 101 is one of the entry points to joining our school. We get that virtual lessons aren't for everyone and we want to give new students an opportunity to try us out. This class is a great introduction to performing magic for students ages 8-11 and 12-17 who are just starting out, or who are interested in learning more about how School of Magic Arts virtual lessons work.

Taught by live instructors, Magic 1o1 focuses on multiple types of magic with materials you can easily find in your home!  In each lesson students learn a new magic effect and have an opportunity to talk with a professional magician.

The first lesson is FREE to new students, just register for one of the dates through the registration link below.  We'll send you the Zoom link and materials list on the day.

  • Appropriate for ages 8-11
  • 45- min live virtual instruction
  • Small groups
  • Use materials you have at home
  • No experience level required
  • First class FREE to new students

The Lesson!  What do we get?

  • First class FREE to new students.
  • 45 minutes one-on-one with a SOMA magician through Zoom.
  • Learn up to three magic effects that can be performed immediately.
  • PDF download with written instructions.
  • An invitation to join School of Magic Arts!

Our 7 year old loved the magic class. He was engaged in learning new card tricks and during every class, gains more confidence in demonstrating what he has learned. He enjoys putting on performances for our family now!

Jennifer F.

My 10-year-old thoroughly enjoyed the class and would remark every morning how much he was looking forward to attending it in the afternoon. He loved learning about magic, and he also loved the opportunity to chat and socialize with other people. As his parent I was not present most of the time, but my impression was that the class was very well done. Highly recommend.

Joni B.

After over 5 years of teaching young magicians from 100+ cities, we’ve learned a couple of things about what works.

And what doesn't.

Trying to learn by yourself.

Most magic tricks for beginners found online, for free, are either so easy  they’re boring and unimpressive, or so difficult they are impossible to perform by a beginner.

Complicated tricks lead to confusion and frustration (and loss of interest).

Lack of guidance and feedback can be detrimental to a young magician’s progress.

Buying magic kits.

Materials are often cheap, flimsy, and break easily.

Most kits contain a small number of simple magic tricks that a young magician can blow through easily without any excitement, any “ooohh” or “aaahh."

Kits can also be confusing, and often lack appropriate instructions.

Worst of all?

By practicing magic alone, you’re missing out on the BEST part about being a magician: confidently performing your routine in front of an appreciative audience.

What does work!

  • Teaching appropriate magic tricks for beginners
  • Not following a cookie-cutter style of progression
  • Creating the proper conditions for students to feel excited and challenged, not overwhelmed and intimidated
  • Teaching tricks that students want to learn, and listening to their feedback so they remain interested
  • Encouraging young magicians to “come out of their shell” by socializing, giving and receiving feedback, and performing in front of their peers
  • Offering guidance and assistance so students can break through frustration and conquer roadblocks
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Annie and Brian were both fabulous presenters - very personable and patient in demonstrating and explaining how to perform the magic tricks.

Jane & John H.

My son loved everything about the magic class! His confidence level increased tremendously and it was wonderful to see him feeling proud about his magic tricks. His presentation skills improved as well!

Jennifer F.

Our 3-Level Approach:

In weekly classes with live instructors, students learn techniques and effects from different magic disciplines: cards, coins, sleight of hand, mentalism, and lots more.

As they level up and their repertoire becomes richer and richer, they develop a distinct style, and even better, participate in virtual, live shows that are great practice for in-person magic.

A girl with short brown hair and a tie dye shirt pulls a quarter out of her own ear while making a silly face.

Level 1: Magic as an art form, fundamental skills, and the art of storytelling.

Level 2: Skill refining with harder effects and more challenging props.

Level 3: A deeper dive into the different types of magic, developing routines, preparing for live performance.

To learn more about the curriculum and how we structure our classes, click here for more information.

Now registering for fall!

Your magician can take a free one-on-one lesson with a SOMA instructor to see if our classes are the right fit.

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New students have access to our Introductory class for Free

Our Trial Magic Class is a 45-minute class, an introduction to the world of magic arts for them (and an opportunity to assess level and style for us!)

Under the supervision of Head Magicians Brian K. and Annie M., students will learn simple, easy, magic tricks that anyone can do, and meet their fellow magicians.

If it's a good fit, students will be invited to join weekly classes and have the opportunity to progress through the different levels, unlock achievements, and learn more about tricks, storytelling, and stage performance.

Our classes

Our classes are always live. We want our students have the opportunity to create a connections with their instructors and peers, and to feel comfortable and safe while learning and performing.

It doesn't matter if you take one one class, or stick with us year after year like some of our students, your “magician’s hat” will be a few tricks, friends, and experiences fuller by the end of each class.

You can find more information about our fall classes such as dates, times, and ages here.

I loved getting to share my magic with a big audience, and watch my fellow students perform their effects too!

Mason, age 11

The engagement! Harry had a blast and can’t wait to practice his new skills. The descriptions and oath and history were perfect for a first class. Great content!

Jonelle B.

School of Magic Arts, an exciting and magical journey of learning, exploring, and performing.

On top of learning magic tricks and effects from a variety of disciplines such as card and coin tricks, prop routines, mentalism, and illusion.

Our school will provide young, magic enthusiasts with the opportunity to:

  • Focus and use critical thinking to analyze tricks
  • Discover how professional magicians learn their tricks and explain magic tricks
  • Make connections with professional magicians and fellow students
  • Persevere through challenges and roadblocks
  • Take on more and more difficult illusions on the path to becoming a magician
  • And of course, have lots of fun!

No assembly required!

You can create a great supply kit made up of items bought at a big box store that you're kid will love.

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